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“Painted Feelings” Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

By admin | Comments: 0 | 8 November 2016

The latest spring / summer 2013 collection presented under the name “Painted Feelings” is inspired by the works by Massimo Carnevale*. We dedicate it the women for whom fashion is a challenge and a form of entertainment at the same time. The bags for spring / summer 2013 are characterized by a distinctive style, a multitude of forms and details. Prints, studs, play on shape, proportions, is an option for women with character, who like to experiment with fashion.

Painted Feelings” means also gigantic, linen bags, where the main role is played by unique prints which use the effects of watercolor and ink drawing. The images are made by world-renowned Italian graphic artist Massimo Carnevale. It is the perfect choice for everyday casual clothes. The bags are big, so they can accommodate everything you need, and above all they emphasize the style and character of a woman.

* Massimo Carnevale is a world-renowned graphic designer, graphic artist and illustrator. A multiple award winner in the categories the best Italian comic book illustrator and the best cover design.

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